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nx Messaging Gateway

The nx Messaging Gateway is a software platform that can be deployed on industry standard hardware to interconnect between multiple different messaging platforms to act as a single point of service control for interactions with subscribers over multiple channels.


 The main features supported by the Messaging Gateway are:


·         Support for SMS/VOLTE/Data via LTE/3GPP network.


·         Supports all major messaging applications for two way interactions.


·         GUI based service logic builder for creating messaging rulesets.


·         Real time management and statistics view for all messaging.


·         Single dialog management for multiple interactions.


·         Interface via MAP, SMPP, REST API’s, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, XMPP.


·         Premise, cloud-based or mixed deployment.


·         Deployed in Highly Available hardware clusters with full state replication to allow for call continuity in failure or managed shutdown. support for mutihoming and failover.


·         Integration with any NMS that uses SNMP for performance monitoring  and alarming.


·         Integrates with the Bulk Campaign platform to manage both interactions and campaigns in a single place.


·         Supports Natural Language processing for all user interactions in a wide variety of languages.


·         Pre-integrated with all leading social media. The architecture can easily be extended to integrate with more social media in future. (Refer section 1.6 for the list of currently pre-integrated messengers).


·         Templated interaction design and management.


·         Integrates with Location Services to manage delivery of messaging based on activity and location.


·         Elastic search reports and customizable dashboards for real time and historical reporting.