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base7 is a software engineering company specialising in building intelligent signaling and media platforms for both fixed and mobile next generation telecommunication networks

With a massive range of protocol and variant support we allow product vendors and network operators to protect themselves from integration issues and to focus on what they do best

Our products are deployed from the eNodeB back to the core network and we cover network standards from traditional SS7 and GSM to LTE and IMS networks. With 15 years of track record and deployments in most major network operators around the world we can succeed in the most demanding network environments.

  • signalling gateways and elements for ss7 h.248 and sip networks
  • ivr and intelligent voice interaction platforms for core network
  • rnc and sgsn elements for 3g networks
  • epc elements for 4g networks
  • industrial control platforms
  • next generation emergency services platforms
  • machine learning speech processing devices and platforms

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